Han-Teng Liao (廖汉腾)

Han-Teng Liao (廖汉腾)

Director of New Media Research Center: Dr. Han-Teng Liao

Monitoring and facilitating data and knowledge exchange through improving the measurement, interface and everyday life of using new media and the Internet

  • Research skills: Internet research and methods; integration of quantitative and qualitative research methods; digital methods; social network analysis; web mining and analysis; API use and analysis; data visualization, etc
  • Research projects: Knowledge-Broker-Driven Product and Policy Designs; Internationalization and Localization Development and Designs
  • Academic expertise: Webometrics; open collaboration; internationalization and localization (i18n/L10n), etc.

Website: http://newmedia.nfu.edu.cn/en/team-en/han-teng-liao/

Han-Teng Liao, DPhil (Oxon), Associate Professor of Internet and New Media
Han-Teng Liao (Internet and New Media)

Han-Teng Liao, DPhil (Oxon)

Associate Professor of Internet and New Media
Director of New Media Research Center
Vice Dean of Department of Journalism and New Media
School of Literature and Media
Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University

As the director, Dr. Liao leads the overall research agenda, bridging the gaps among industry, academia, research (IAR, Chinese term: 产学研) practices, especially through user research and API (application program interfaces) ecosystem that focus on applications (Chinese term:用研及应用之用).

He currently conducts research in the areas of small data and HCI research for civic and cross-cultural engagement. He is a research professional with combined information science, media/communication and open source/data working experience. Liao’s research focuses on ICTs and HCI for human and political development, with the use of webometrics, user-generated data and social network analysis. In particular he studies how geographic and linguistic factors influence mobile and Internet-enabled services and their potentials in cross-cultural and/or transnational growth/dynamics/exchanges, including the industry practices in software/website internationalization (i18n) and Localization (L10n).

As the director of the undergraduate program of Internet and New Media, he is also modernizing the curriculum and using blended learning and Experiential Learning in his courses, such as “New Media Technologies and Collaboration”, “Data Visualization”, “Big Data Statistics” , “Python Programming”, “Web Design and Production”, “Website Operation and Management practices”, “New Media Analysis and User Experience”, “API, Machine Learning and AI”, “Big Data Capacity Building for SDG: the case of China”, etc.

His doctoral work compares two major user-contributed Chinese encyclopedias (Chinese Wikipedia and Baidu Baike), studying their impact on user interactions from regions such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

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